About us

About us

Established in 1992, QuantiMetrics is a leading independent research and advisory practice with a core ethic of integrity and pragmatism. While our assignments are undertaken under strict confidentiality, we provide highly comparable industry insights.

We combine a deep understanding of risk management and the software industry with proven methods and practices, to help our clients learn and innovate. QuantiMetrics owns the largest validated database of software project information. It is regularly updated; old data is retired and new information is added through ongoing client evaluations.

Our Experience

Over two decades of experience as an independent and trusted advisor, with numerous recent case studies as references... Read more

Our Clients

Our credentials are best described by our impressive international, cross industry client list, many of which we have maintained longstanding relationships with.

Our Approach

Our approach is consultative and adaptive and we start by assessing your unique requirements. Whether you would like to objectively assess risk across the organization or key projects, compare your high level costs and staffing metrics with comparable organisations, or zone in on specific projects and applications, we will tailor our service offering to suit your needs.

As part of each client engagement we will present a report to key players in your organisation, highlighting the areas where improvement will make a significant difference to your business. Graphs and illustrations simplify the results and they are backed up with detailed analysis.

In many instances we provide follow up sessions with senior executives and board members. When required, QuantiMetrics also offers advisory services to help your organisation realise the opportunities for improvement that have emerged from our assessment.

Our Team

Experience, strong academic and research grounding, integrity and comprehension of client needs are traits of our team... Read more

Key Themes

Ensuring Value for Money

Programme Assurance

IT effectiveness, Under pinned by real benchmarks

A selection of our companies and organisation we have worked for

  • Sanlam
  • Mazars
  • icap
  • Telkom
  • Navigant
  • bt
  • Investec
  • Sanlam
  • Legal And General
  • Murray and Roberts
  • Nedbank
  • Mtn
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • CSC
  • Scottish Widows
  • Santam
  • Discovery Vitality
  • Absa
  • Bbd
  • pruhealth
  • Sasol
  • Standard Bank
  • Liberty Life
  • AIA Vitality
  • Discovery
  • Royal Mail